Payment currencies

We accept payments in Swiss Franc, Euro or USD.

Please choose your payment currency while viewing our products, latest at checkout.

Payment methods

  • Direct bank transfer (recommended)
    • CHF: IBAN payments
    • EUR: SEPA payments (IBAN)
    • USD: US ACH and Swift payments on our US account
  • Credit card (incl. Apple Pay and Google Pay) via Wise or Revolut (can send a quick payment link)
  • Money transfer: MoneyGram, Western Union, RIA
  • Quick transfers
    • With Wise and Revolut, create an account and fund money from your local bank account or credit card into your balance, thereafter make a Wise/Revolut transfer from your account into ours. The transfer takes some seconds to arrive.
    • We can help you to setup a Wise/Revolut account.
  • We are not accepting any direct credit card or PayPal payments.

Your local currency is different from CHF, EUR or USD

When your local currency is different from CHF, EUR or USD, we recommend to make your payment in USD. Also for European countries not having EUR. Choose USD at checkout.